Freelancing in Tokyo


IMPORTANT NOTICE: March 26, 2015

For any of you who have written me and expressed your interest in me "resuscitating" FIT, that is still my intention. In April I hope to have some time to update the book and release a lower-priced ebook in the summer. 

I, myself, have been freelancing so much that I have had little time to keep the site up to date; that said, I have learned many things of value in the last several years and I hope to share those things with you in the new FIT. 

Many things have not changed.... at all.... since I first came to Japan in 1993 (!). But what I have noticed is that while people are still pursuing the "bread and butter" freelancing jobs available in Tokyo, most of them have clear goals and plans of doing something much bigger. So, that is what I will address, along with the hard-earned knowledge that one can only gain by being in the trenches of T-town and dealing with a lot insanity, some fun, and a boatload of experiences that will certainly reshape the way you see yourself and the world. 

I hope to reconnect with everyone in a few months. 

Thank you for your interest in FIT.

-David Chester