Freelancing in Tokyo


UPDATE: August 1, 2016

To those of you who have dropped by this site: Yes, it is still active. Yes, I am still alive. Yes, I still do consultations. 

Freelancing in Tokyo: Revised and Updated (available on Amazon, in both print and digital versions) was written to help people who either want to come to Tokyo and live/work for a while or who are already here and hoping to expand their horizons.

I came here in 1993, knowing almost nothing about life in Tokyo (or Japan). I am still here, I still freelance, but the focus of my life is now screenwriting. However, I am still in touch with what is happening in this city and if you are looking for an enjoyable reference book written from personal experience, I hope you will consider making Freelancing in Tokyo: Revised and Updated (FIT) your new best friend. 

As noted earlier this year, as time allow, there wil be new blog posts and the Helpful Websites page will be updated. As of this moment, the Helpful Phrases page still reflects the previous version of FIT. However, as soon as I am able, a newer version will be uploaded. There is a new recording as and it will be uploaded as soon as yours truly has time to edit the sound files! :)

Thank you again for your interest in FIT.

-David Chester